The comparison of dummy qualification data sets coming from different sources is complicated even if the ISO-MME (ISO/TS 13499) format is used. The standard describes the general data format but some essential information such as coding of the channels, definition of t0 is not standardized.

PDB made a proposal to standardize the missing information to get data sets that can be used for analyzes without any additional data processing.

The proposals are made for the use with THOR-50M and WorldSID 50%. They are based on the information that is provided with existing qualification procedures.

The revised version 1.3.1 of the instructions including example data sets is now available.

Follow the link to download some general information (changelog included).

The use of the qualification procedures is free of charge and there is no registration needed. However, there is a license agreement enclosed to limit PDB's liability. The agreement is automatically accepted when using the procedures.


Latest documents (version 1.3.1)

Obsolete documents (version 1.3)





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