Injury Risk Curves for the WorldSID 50th Male Dummy
A. Petitjean (CEESAR), X. Trosseille (LAB-PSA Peugeot Citroën Renault), N. Praxl (PDB), D. Hynd (TRL), A. Irwin (General Motors Company)
Stapp Car Crash Journal, Vol. 56, 2012

How Reliable are Injury Risk Curves?
N. Praxl (PDB)
22nd ESV (Paper 11-0089), Washington D.C. (USA), 2011

Assessment of Dummy Models by using Objective Rating Methods
C. Gehre (PDB), S. Stahlschmidt (DYNAmore)
22nd ESV (Paper 11-0216), Washington D.C. (USA), 2011

Objective Evaluation of the Quality of the FAT ES-2 Dummy Model
C. Gehre (PDB), S. Stahlschmidt (DYNAmore), M. Walz (Daimler AG)
8th European LS-DYNA Users Conference, Strasbourg (France), 2011

Development of Crash Test Dummies - Requirements of the Automotive Industry
K. Bortenschlager (PDB), C. Gehre (PDB), M. Hartlieb (Daimler AG), P. Wernicke (BMW Group)
FISITA-World Automotive Congress, Budapest (Hungary), 2010

Ergebnisse aus aktuellen PDB-Projekten
C. Gehre (PDB)
Denton Crash Meeting, Heidelberg (Germany), 2010

Injury Risk Curves for the WorldSID 50% Male Dummy

A. Petitjean (CEESAR), X. Trosseille (LAB-PSA Peugeot Citroen Renault), P. Petit (ACEA-TFD), A. Irwin (General Motors), J. Hassan (Johns Hopkins University), N. Praxl (PDB)
Stapp Car Crash Journal, Vol. 53, 2009

WorldSID Production Dummy Biomechanical Responses
R. Scherer, K. Bortenschlager, A. Akiyama, S. Tylko, M. Hartlieb, T. Harigae
WorldSID Tri-Chair Committee
21st ESV (Paper 09-0505), Stuttgart (Germany), 2009

Detailed Analysis of BioRID-II Response Variations in Hardware and Simulations
K. Bortenschlager (PDB), M. Hartlieb, A. Hirth (Daimler AG), D. Kramberger (Audi AG), S. Stahlschmidt (DYNAmore)
21st ESV (Paper 09-0492), Stuttgart (Germany), 2009

Objective Rating of Signals Using Test and Simulation Responses
C. Gehre (PDB), H. Gades (Volkswagen AG), P. Wernicke (BMW Group)
21st ESV (Paper 09-0407), Stuttgart (Germany), 2009

Development of a Computational Model of the WorldSID 50th Male
C. Gehre (PDB), E. Taylak, V. Oancea (Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.), S. Stahlschmidt, A. Gromer (DYNAmore), A. Berger, C. Thibaud (ESI Group)
21st ESV (Paper 09-0411), Stuttgart (Germany), 2009

Development and Evaluation of Dummy Models
C. Gehre (PDB)
Automotive CAE Grand Challenge, Hanau (Germany), 2009

PDB-Aktivitäten aus den Bereichen Dummytechnik und Simulation

C. Gehre (PDB)
Denton Crash-Meeting, Heidelberg (Germany), 2008

PDB WorldSID-Modell,  Objektive Kurvenbewertung
C. Gehre (PDB)
ESI Dummy-Seminar, Eschborn (Germany), 2008

Activities of PDB on Dummy Model Development
C. Gehre (PDB)
FTSA Technology Forum – Advances in Virtual and Physical Crash Test Dummies, Aschaffenburg (Germany), 2008

Evaluation of the Effects of Test Parameters on the Results of the Lower Legform Impactor
S. Siems (Volkswagen AG), O. Zander (BASt), P. Leßmann, D.-U. Gehring (BGS GmbH), K. Bortenschlager (PDB), K. Barnsteiner (BMW Group), L. Ferdinand (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG), M. Hartlieb (Daimler AG), D. Kramberger (Audi AG), M. Zeugner (Adam Opel AG)
20th ESV (Paper 07-0009), Lyon (France), 2007

WorldSID Small Female Side Impact Dummy Specifications and Prototype Evaluation
B. Been (FTSS), R. Meijer (TNO), F. Bermond (INRETS-LBMC), K. Bortenschlager (PDB), D. Hynd (TRL), L.M.G. Ferichola (UPM-INSIA)
20th ESV (Paper 07-0311), Lyon (France), 2007

Review of Existing Injury Criteria and their Tolerance Limits for Whiplash Injuries with Respect to Testing Experience and Rating Systems
K. Bortenschlager (PDB), M. Hartlieb (Daimler AG), K. Barnsteiner (BMW Group), L. Ferdinand (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Germany), D. Kramberger (Audi AG), S. Siems (Volkswagen AG), M. Muser (AGU), K.-U. Schmitt (AGU & ETH Zürich)
20th ESV (Paper 07-0486), Lyon (France), 2007

The Dummy as a Design Tool - Investigation of Hybrid III 50% Load Path in Thorax and Tibia
P. Wernicke (BMW Group), K. Ikels (IAT mbH), K. Bortenschlager (PDB)
Crash.tech2007, Leipzig (Germany), 2007

Experience with the BioRID-II in Testing and Simulation
K. Bortenschlager, C. Gehre (PDB), D. Kramberger (Audi AG), P. Wernicke (BMW Group), M. Hartlieb, A. Hirth (Daimler AG), L. Ferdinand (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG)
TÜV SÜD Akademie - Neck Injuries in Road Traffic and Prevention Strategies, München (Germany), 2007

Evaluation of the MADYMO Quality Dummy Model - Improvement of the Quality of Computational Models of the Hybrid III 50%
C. Gehre (PDB)
11th International MADYMO User's Meeting, Dearborn (USA), 2006

Comparison Tests of BioRID II and RID 2 with Regard to Repeatability, Reproducibility and Sensitivity for Assessment of Car Seat Protection Potential in Rear-End Impacts
K. Bortenschlager (PDB), D. Kramberger (Audi AG), K. Barnsteiner (BMW Group), M. Hartlieb (Daimler AG), L. Ferdinand (Porsche AG), H. Leyer (Volkswagen AG), M. Muser (AGU), K.-U. Schmitt (AGU and University and ETH Zürich)
Stapp Car Crash Journal, Vol. 47, 2003

Updated Biofidelity Rating of the Revised WorldSID Prototype Dummy

E. Hautmann (BMW Group), R. Scherer, A. Akiyama, M. Page, L. Xu, G. Kostyniuk, M. Sakurai, K. Bortenschlager, T. Harigae, S. Tylko
WorldSID Tri-Chair Committee
18th ESV (Paper 388), Nagoya (Japan), 2003





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